Redefining 55+ Living

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist or SRES, is a Realtor who has received extensive specialized training covering these topics and more that are special importance to those age 55+ and their families. With only 16,000 Seniors Real Estate Specialists worldwide, it is a highly select designation. 

Everyone who buys or sells property has unique needs. This however is especially true of the age 55+ market where real estate transactions may include considerations of a second home, estate planning considerations, deep emotional ties and more.

10 Reasons to Use a SRES 

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist:

1. Works first and foremost to understand the unique needs, considerations and goals of the individual 55+ client and to always have the best interests of the client in mind. 

2. Has the knowledge and compassion to counsel clients through the major financial, legal and lifestyle transitions invloved in relocating, refinancing, selling or buying. 

3. Serves the needs of mulitple generations including adult children and caregivers, by bringing experience and insight into life's transitions. 

4. Takes a no-pressure approach and will take the time needed to listen and advise so the client is comfortable and confident in their choices.

5. Understands the emotional demands a transition can make on a senior and their family and tries to minimize them.

6. Tailors the marketing and steps of buying or selling to the needs of an older client. 

7. Understands state and federal laws in regards to senior housing and how Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security can impact housing decisions.

8. Has knowledge of uses, benefits, procedures and issues invloved in various reverse mortgages.

9. Is knowledgeable in uses of pensions, 401K accounts and IRAS in real estate transactions. 

10. Has a wide network of local senior housing options, elder support services and other senior-focused professionals who can assist in counseling and planning all aspects of a transition. 

When looking for a Realtor who will respond to your specific age 55+ real estate needs, look for the SRES designation. They will make sure to guide you through the process and make the transition less stressful and more successful!